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sorceressskySo I’ve been asking a lot of questions in my life, questions about culture, about the world, about other people, both those I know and love as well as acquaintances and people I haven’t met yet, and also questions, a lot of questions, about myself.

I would like to offer you some of these same questions. The kind of questions that nobody has ever asked you before. The kind of questions you may or may not have dared to ask yourself.

These will not be Q&A sessions, as there are no “Answers” (besides 42!) What is a question that has no answer? It is Energy, Awareness, Possibilities, Choice and Being.

You may have heard about shamans and medicine men. For some the words probably conjure up images of sitting naked in the desert next to the embers of a fire, breathing in peyote and other mind-altering substances to reach another plane of existence. While I have nothing against that, and I do love sitting by a fire in the desert, my sessions with you probably aren’t going to look like that (unless you want them to). I do not provide, have access to, or even recommend hallucinogens for spiritual purposes. I believe that a higher state of consciousness can be accessed without chemical enhancement; it just takes a willingness and awareness of your own capacities.

You may also have heard a lot of things about witches. That is a word I sometimes apply to myself as well, though I prefer the term sorceress. In modern pagan terms, I would be an eclectic witch. I don’t believe in heaven and hell and god and the devil in the way that the Christian church teaches them (and I was raised in a Methodist church), though I do believe in beings and states of being that correspond to those in some way and probably inspired those heavily defined personas and places. I believe in the Universe, the Multiverse, as a vast and ineffable space of all existence, which can also be felt and received through energy. I believe in entities of all kinds, because just by believing in, or even thinking about, any entity you give it form and life.

I do talk a lot about magic, but I do not use the terms white or black magic. The Higher Dark is not about doing “black magic” more about what is classified under that title by the mainstream and challenging that judgment. However, the magic I use is mostly about energy, sensing it, receiving it, moving it to where you desire it to go, and a lot about getting yourself out of the way so that it can create what you ask for. I will never sell you a spell or teach you a ritual with a specific outcome, I will only present tools that are designed to give you awareness and assist you to connect to and use your own energy, your own capacities, your own magic.

So what will a session with me look like? Well I can tell you I don’t have a book of lesson plans plotted out. Why? Because you are an individual, unique in the combination of things you have going on to create your life. I will spend our time asking you questions, offering you thoughts and possibilities as they come to me, and opening up the way for even more possibilities to come into your awareness. Do you have a specific issue that you would like to change? Or are you just dissatisfied with life? Are you looking for more? Or something else entirely? This is about you, so each session will be unique to where you stand right in this very moment.

Attention! Please note: I actually do NOT guarantee your life will change for the better after a session or certain number of sessions with me. Honestly, how can anyone promise that? It is NOT my life, it is YOUR LIFE. So let me ask you: Will you change your life for the better? Will you commit to Being You? Can I help you with that? Well, I can offer you my perspective, but I’m not “the one you need.” Will you be the one who is always there for you?


Who does this chick think she is?

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