Forward Movement – 2020 So Far

Where are you coming from and where are you going?
Where are you coming from and where are you going? Because you’re not going to stop here.

I wish to open people’s minds, to open their awareness
Situational awareness refers to being keen to what is going on around you at all times
What is happening in front of you, what is in your peripheral vision, what is happening behind you,
What you stand on beneath your feet, what hangs above your head

But consciousness goes beyond the existence of what is into what could be, possibilities
What can I create?
Still, it must start with awareness
The point you are creating from, the ground on which you build, and what you need to clear out to have a strong and balanced foundation

I’m well into the realm of metaphor here
and using a lot of “building” terms, buildings being stationary,
when most of what I want to talk about is what I call Forward Movement

Forward Movement is basically the constant improvement of your situation by your own actions.
Creation is another word you can use.
Forward Movement is also adding experiences to your life, adventure, taste, experimentation, challenging yourself to achievements.
It’s why we get bored with the status quo. It’s probably also why we notice flaws in systems that were improvements in old systems.
We, or at least I, desire Forward Movement — on small scales and grand ones.

Some people used to fear to walk the streets because of the color of their skin.
Now, for a multitude of reasons, a lot more people fear, with all different colors of skin, all different identities.
That, my loves, is not Forward Movement. That’s ass backwards.

And I noticed something going on in the midst of all the rioting, all the people telling children “I hope you die” because they aren’t wearing a mask,
in the people throwing blame at this politician or that one
There was a hearing – an anti-trust hearing – that’s the kind that are about preventing businesses from becoming monopolies.
I heard it was boring.

I posted a thing on Facebook a couple months ago: it was a screenshot of the website for the Washington Post
it said “Democracy Dies in Darkness”
This wasn’t a headline for an article
This was just under the name of the publication, at the very top of the page, probably every page of the site
The Washington Post is owned by Jeff Bezos
Amazon dot com is owned by Jeff Bezos

Now perhaps you call me a conspiracy theorist.
What possible reason would a sales website have for keeping people afraid, keeping people at home?
So much so that they would place a phrase like that at the top of a “respected” and widespread publication
A publication that is often quoted, sited, and outright copied by other “respected” publications? Copied on topics of the government, the economy, and the pandemic virus?

Amazon was not the only corporation at this anti-trust, anti-monopoly hearing – Apple, Facebook and Google were there
One company who owns half our cell phones and one company who owns the other half, and also the number one search engine and internet video service, plus the one over most major social media.
How much of your information about the world, either history or the present, has come to you through one of them? How much of your information is not second-hand, but fifth-hand, tenth-hand, more?

At what point does conspiracy theory become situational awareness?

I don’t desire to be a fear mongerer.
I desire to create.
I am not saying we should not be having a Revolution
I am asking a question:
Are we rioting for the reasons they’ve told us to riot
for and with the goals they want us to think we have?

There is a thing that keeps us from awareness and consciousness
Access calls them “distractor implants,” but I’m pretty sure you’ll find these terms familiar:
anger, rage, fury and hate
business, doubt, relationship and fear
love, sex, jealousy and peace
Life, living, death and reality
Yes, Peace is one, and love and life – where they are defined by what they “should” be, walled in by limitations and projections
Peace without awareness, without Forward Movement, peace born of fear, is the height of Dystopia

Corporate conglomerates are the kings in dystopia
I ask you, do not fight for the favor of the Corporatocracy
thinking it is going to be either democracy or socialism or anything other than
they get your labor and they get your money

Fight for Forward Movement
And to do this, you do it from the bottom of your heart
from the Core of your Being
and out into the Infinity of Existence and Consciousness
Be Forward Movement, and be it from Love and not Hate

Forward Movement
perhaps we have never been on solid ground. Is that an illusion? Did we do ourselves a disservice by believing in it?
Perhaps to be truly “grounded” is to feel the movement of time and change ever rolling, of growth and decay and the push and pull of other forces upon you
not against you, not with anything about you in their mind
often only with their own benefit in mind, if even that, if they have a mind at all
Perhaps we, all of us, stand upon the Wheel of Fortune
And we must constantly Create
for there is no such thing as status quo and there is no settling down
You never get it Done
is that a scary thought? or is that just consciousness?

but WAIT don’t go yet
When you Create, let it Be from a place of openness and receiving, of space and clarity
If you create from that “distractor” space, you’ll feel blocked, limited, only so many options available to you, if any at all
you may feel like running away, you may feel like destroying things, you may feel like hiding and only speaking in safe words and phrases

clear that shit out
that fear, that anger, that hate, that suffering

use music and dance
do clearings
turn yourself upside down
have a vampire feed on you
walk the woods or the desert at night
burn your thoughts in ritual
listen to the trees and the wildness in things
whatever you have to do to get the shit out of your brain and heart and body, the limitations and blocks and compressions
do it
you are creating every minute, every ten seconds, of every day, so be clear as often as you can
So you may Create from the Space of You

I am a writer/illustrator of various types of speculative fiction but mostly modern fantasy. I have loved magic, and the people and creatures who live with it and use it, all my life, and writing and drawing these people in modern environments makes it all the more real to me. I also like to add an element of Darkness and horror, as well as science fiction, for “flavor”. I am fascinated with everything from unicorns and dragons to vampires and demons.

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