How to Begin using Access Consciousness *for Free*

How To Begin Using Access Consciousness For Free

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I wanted to put this up just quickly today. Please note I will be updating with a lot more detail later:

I have seen so many ominous comments online about how people have seen others get “taken” for all their money by Access Consciousness. To be blunt, this is ridiculous. Why? Because it is so easy to find stuff about Access online and get materials free or cheaply. Access is very clear, in everything they do, that everything is just a choice. No one is forcing you to do anything that you’re not allowing. There are quite a lot of Access classes, books, practices and tools that actually will help your money situation, not harm you.

The Rundown: a quick list for reference/copy-paste ease
-YouTube: Access channel and Dr. Dain Heer’s channel
Access podcasts and radio shows, especially on Voice America Empowerment
-search engines
Access TV
-Follow Favorite Facilitators (FFF!)
Facebook and any other form of social media that you’re on (Pinterest, Instagram, etc.)

-Record Your Own Clearings

very little cost:
-ebooks and audiobooks
-Pearls of Possibilities
-shop around
-follow for your facilitators’ sales
-Bars *class* and Bars shares

*Don’t Forget to Play
No one is asking you to devote your entire life to Access. You have to ask yourself, what will create more for me?
Will buying this book/class/thing create more for me?
Will having a gourmet steak dinner or a good sushi dinner create more for me?
Will buying a piece of art or music and supporting a local artist create more for me? What about going to a local performance event? Or if you’re like me, going to a small comic con and supporting local vendors?
Will saving up to move to a new place create more for me? Or saving to fix my car?
Will it create more for me to just do something random & fun?
Will it create more for me to just keep the money just for me?
These and many, many more questions will give you a better sense of the energy around your money and what to do with it. The idea is to play with money, don’t make it a burden or a barrier between yourself and what you desire. Welcome money into your home and your life like an old friend or lover that you’ve fallen out with and want to make amends. Access’s target is to help you with that, and many other things, not give you a reason to hurt yourself and your money all the more. But that’s your choice.

The worst thing that will happen to you in going through Access processes is you become Aware. Aware of everything. Truth is, you ARE aware of everything already, you simply are blocking it out, and the blocking is what is causing all the problems in your life. However, you have been blocked for so long that when you begin to unblock and be Aware, it will be weird. Sometimes really weird. And everyone else around you is blocked and used to having problems, so you will not be able to describe what is going on with you to others who are close to you. I’m lucky that I have a few very open-minded Seekers like myself in my life who are willing to understand or at least listen without judging me, whether or not they want to use Access or go as far down that path as I am interested in. So if you don’t have people like that already in your life, or if you are not one who can easily go without talking about what’s going on in your life with another person, you may have to seek out some new friends. But they don’t have to be Access practitioners. There may not be anyone in your area who resonates with you, so don’t feel like you have to put up with people you’re not comfortable with just because they’re Access people.

How To Begin Using Access Consciousness For Free


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