The Greater Light

Are you undercutting yourself or oversoaring everyone else?

Essential to understanding the Higher Dark is also how to work in balance with the Greater Light.

Living in the Valley of the Sun in the summer there is an abundance of light, so much so that you just about can’t go outside unless you want to wait up to an indecent hour at night or get up ungodly early.

So ironically, you begin to miss the sun.

Staying in the Higher Dark too long is not quite the same as being cooped up in an over-air-conditioned office building, but it can begin to be tiresome. It’s not so much cold as you begin to feel a little hollow. You’re not sure exactly where your insides end and the night begins. Sometimes this is good, opening. But too much can feel empty, washed out, unsure of who you are, where you are in your life, what’s real, what you desire to be real.

So in order to connect with the Higher dark, you also must have an understanding of light, good and bad, and the Greater Light.

So what is it about the Greater Light that is “greater”? How is that different from anything we could call “light”?

Mainly the idea that so many things in this world certain people qualify as “good” or “virtuous” but in reality, in the the locked chambers of the mind and the depths of the soul, they are not good things. Things like abstinence from sex and monogamous and exclusive relationships, which are somewhat unnatural and can deprive us from needed human contact and physical pleasure, or can cause heartache in our relationships by creating jealousy, envy, and discontent. And the division of “virtue” versus “sin” can cause people who think themselves virtuous to be very cruel to those they judge as breaking the rules they subscribe to.

The Greater Light is none of these things. It is not a false varnish of “values” and “morals.” It is the True meaning of bright and shiny feelings and actions. It is En-light-enment. Light as in weight, not just the visible part of the wave spectrum. Lightness of heart, the glow of the spirit, the energy of life.

And just as the moon reflects the light of the sun, and the stars are in fact also suns far in the vast distance, there is always a sacred Balance between Light and Dark. Actions and feelings that are balanced between these two are what create beneficial changes and happy lives, while anything unbalanced too far to either side is usually harmful in some way and can go so far as to be Evil.

“The road to Hell is paved with good intentions” is an old saying, but when you look at it with fresh eyes, it is entirely about what our judgment or projection of “good” is and how projections can lead us to places we don’t want to go, things we don’t truly want to do but think we should do or have to do. What we or our culture have classified and branded as right, good, perfect and correct (or wrong, mean, vicious, terrible, bad, and awful) can obscure our deeper, natural awareness of what will really work best and create the best world for us and everyone else, what will build a Heaven on earth instead of spiraling into a dystopia.

When something feels wrong in your gut, it probably is, but in what way is it wrong? Are you projecting something that is making it not work, or is that actual consciousness you’re feeling, telling you this isn’t going to go where you desire to go? That’s often the part that’s hard to decipher, for no action or feeling is a simple on/off (black & white). All things are complex and layered, nuanced and influenced by countless factors, and often are entirely different depending on the individual people/beings involved. And yet we try to make decisions in life based on something that happened to us in the past, or something that happened to someone else? We’re not acknowledging that the situation is very different just because it’s now and not then, ourselves and not them.

Many pagan traditions nowadays have a tendency to focus on light-working and shun the darker arts. They’re trying to present a face to the world that is clearly, blatantly, unquestionably “GOOD” to the point where they reject individual practitioners who like to wear black or dance naked in the moonlight or call themselves “witches.” Thing is, they’re working on a flawed premise: that we have to please the people of the world in order to gain acceptance. The fact is, certain kinds of mainstream religions and political types will never accept anything outside their own church, their own culture, their own upbringing, and even then, they watch their fellow parishioners, congregations, constituents, etc. with hawk eyes and shame the slightest breath of deviance from the norm.

The simple fact is, you can’t cut out bits of yourself to become acceptable to someone else. Each person must follow their own path and let go of the idea that their path must be approved by anyone, much less society as a whole – which, by the way, is made of individual people, each with their own path too, each who is not black and white, cut and dry either, each with complex history and points of view that they draw from, and each with real awareness somewhere underneath all that. If you do not fear to be yourself, they will feel more encouraged, safer, to be themselves. And if you find someone you disagree with, try to understand, try to see things from their point of view. If you have an opinion, express it as just that, your opinion, not fact, not what everyone else will think, just you, and that they shouldn’t necessarily base any of their feelings or actions on your thoughts.

I say this because there are a fair number of unaccepting, judging people on the Left Hand path, in the goth community and similar subcultures, the hipsters, the nerds and the kinksters, and so on. Every group has people in it who want to go around making rules, this is this and that is not that. “If you do this, you are not one of us, and we shall shun and mock you until you bend to our will or go away, after which we shall continue to mark you as weak.” Don’t lie, you know these people. Do you laugh and make them right? Do you just tolerate them? What else is possible?

But seriously, I think a lot of people shun the Light and lightworkers because of this tendency for them to be cut off from the whole of themselves, blinded, if you will, by the mainstream and trying to please other people. But that doesn’t make the Dark any better, and it certainly doesn’t make Darkness the only way. It doesn’t mean that true magic practitioners who use all magics must be defined as black magic users and use that label. It doesn’t mean that all people who are “real” must be goth (or insert subculture here), must reject all things acceptable to the mainstream. It doesn’t mean bad bitches can’t take ballroom dancing classes. Pretty sure a bad bitch does whatever the fuck she wants, because anything anybody tells her she can’t do, or that would change how they define her, is just another limitation, and she’s not havin’ that.

While a lot of fake or shallow people, follower types and control freak types alike, do tend to stick to the mainstream and the light for the safety or positive judgments it garners, that doesn’t mean that all light energy is weak and limited and sheep-like. In the same way the sun is a life-giving force in our physical lives, the Greater Light can contribute huge amounts of energy to your creation and your magic. You just have to look at situations, actions, people and other entities and see them as they truly are, not how you want to see them or how someone else tells you they are. Open up your awareness and read everything around you: Where am I making this right, good, perfect and correct? Where am I making this wrong, mean, vicious, terrible, bad, and awful? And who does that belong to? Where did I align and agree with and buy and sell all of that?

So what kinds of things do you do in the light?
Go for walks, either in nature or around town, look at flowers and trees, or at the reflections in the glass and metal, look at the water, dabble your fingers in the fountains or streams, talk to the butterflies and animals. Look at the sky, watch the clouds travel. Open up the core of your being and acknowledge the sun, not as a happy smiley face in the sky, but as a fucking ball of fire who gifts to you everything he’s got every hour of day or night as the planet spins you round.

One thing I have come up with, again since there’s an abundance of sun here where I live, is in those times where that fiery light is pressing down on me (yes, light can feel like a weight pressing on you): If you come at it from a different point of view, you can absorb the energy. It’s like an excess of what you need in the moment, and if you resist it, it will just fry you, but if you take it all in, and magically store it somewhere in your consciousness or channel it into a ball of creative energy, for your business, your spells or whatever creation you’ve been working on or will work on in the future, the heat will come off of you. It can be used for more than that. (I can’t guarantee you won’t get a sunburn, but I sure felt better when I did it.)

Other examples?
Fairies come to mind, and angels, but if you study them historically, fairies are not nice, and some people who’ve actually done summoning will tell you angels can be real assholes. But they can still be Light and Greater Light entities if you treat them in the way they require. There are other entities of Light in general, not classified by mythology, who can contribute to you as well if you ask them (Talk to the Entities has some freebie calls on their website and Soundcloud for this kinda thing).
Sparkles, shiny, glitter, magic wands with stars on the end…
Lightworking… so much of this I understand intuitively and have no idea how to explain to someone…

It’s less about sex and more about family; less about alone-time or intimate private groups and more about the larger community; less on the edge and more in the center; less about guttural, decadent pleasures and more about giddy, giggly joys…

Sometimes Light is only as different as the tools you use: using your fairy tales tarot deck rather than your vampire deck, using a birch wand of instead of ebony, wearing white robes, calling on Quan Yin rather than Kali, any number of things: using Light instead of Dark for magic is almost always approaching the same thing from a different angle, since they are the two sides of the same Universe.

It’s hard to explain Light magic because it seems so obvious: you go outside and the sun warms you, the plants eat it up and wave at you with peace and pleasure, the animals lay out to bask, the water sparkles. It could also be like fire with its warmth and crackle and glow, or lightning’s beauty – or does lightning’s association with storms make it more of a Light Within the Dark?

Being mainstream and popular does not make it Light: it is because it’s Light and not Dark that it is more mainstream and popular because it seems safer, looks nicer to the outside observer, fits better in the cultural indoctrination that we were raised in. And yet at the same time, the mainstream often is not willing to dive into the Greater Light and see how high it goes, see how much they can really create. Instead they hem and haw around in doubt and confusion, or point fingers saying other people are causing all the problems, it’s not their fault. Because the problem with our society is people have had it embedded in them that they either don’t have any power or can’t be trusted with power. And that is what the Higher Dark and the Greater Light both are and are even moreso together: Power, Magic, pure chaotic Energy for change and Creation beyond the status quo, out of control and into into a new reality that nobody can predict.

I am a writer/illustrator of various types of speculative fiction but mostly modern fantasy. I have loved magic, and the people and creatures who live with it and use it, all my life, and writing and drawing these people in modern environments makes it all the more real to me. I also like to add an element of Darkness and horror, as well as science fiction, for “flavor”. I am fascinated with everything from unicorns and dragons to vampires and demons.

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