What Is Being a Witch?

Witch way do you go?

Witch way do you go?

A Witch is willing to see what others are not willing to see,

And then she’s willing to do something about it.

A witch is not someone who does witchcraft and casts spells.
Like they talk about in Practical Magic (at least in the movie)
you can get stuff to work, but if you’re practicing magic while looking down your nose at it,
if you’re casting spells while being in judgment
it is not going to create what you truly desire

and you’re doing it from a place of unawareness

Awareness without Judgment is what makes a Witch.
A Witch looks at the world, really looks at it
And a Witch sees what is really there, not what she wants to see, not what others want her to see, although she knows what that is, but the actual presence, the being of a thing

She is willing to see what others are not

But what about doing something about it?

A witch not only sees what is actually there, she is willing to be aware of EVERYTHING that is there, every layer of what is going on

Here’s a for instance:
If someone asked a witch to make them a love potion
She’s aware that what they mean by “love” may be controlling and using another person
It may be personal gratification – I want them to love me to prove that I’m worth it
It may even be just a thrill – an obsession born of boredom, a request to invent drama in their life
It may be revenge against someone else who loves that person
It may simply be an obsession with some other thing that has nothing to do with their crush
It may be a blindness of judging that this person here is the kind of person they need to love them – when just over there is someone who already loves them, but they don’t recognize that as love because of the kind of person doing it
Or it may simply be a lack of confidence, a lack of value in themselves to think that someone could love them naturally on their own
Or it may be a deep-seated fear of being alone or of missing out on something “everyone else” has
It may be all of the above
And at that point it becomes a choice for the witch: Do I help them, do I give them just what they asked for (be careful what you wish for), or do I walk away?
Helping them may take any number of forms, from bluntly telling them everything they see in the situation
to giving them one spell or tincture after another until the customer cottons on to the fact that they’re being manipulated then saying “Aha! Finally, you’re getting somewhere!”

to creating a complex manipulation plan to nudge them this direction and that until they do wake up to the fact that all they need is confidence, all they need is to see outside the tiny scope of that one person, and they certainly do not need to have a lover in order to not be alone, not to mention there’s nothing wrong with being alone.

A Witch looks at each of those possible actions she could take and chooses something
And the reason people think witches are selfish or evil is they don’t sit around fretting about whether they did the right thing, they don’t worry their pretty heads about whether they hurt anybody’s feelings
They chose the thing that would create the most in that moment, and they can change on a dime in the next moment to create something entirely different, sorry not sorry
A Witch knows her priorities, and she gets shit done
And it’s not that she has no kindness, no empathy, it’s that when something isn’t working, she asks “Okay, what else can we do different? Let’s move on, keep going.”

Blame, shame, regret, guilt and doubt are a waste of energy. Ain’t nobody got time f’dat.

(also, a Witch doesn’t have to be a woman – witchyness is not gender based or gender biased, it is not a gender role – it is not feminine intuition or a woman’s touch or even the blessings of the Goddess – it’s Fucking Magic, Bitch, and Magic comes to he or she who will have it, is really, truly willing to have it)

A Witch is willing to use lines, lies and manipulation
on others and herself
to create a result, to teach and to learn, to expose where the limitation is sticking in our sides, locking us up, walling us in

And what she’s teaching is to make others Aware, to see what she sees, rather than following her lead blindly without question or with fear of the unknown – What if it wasn’t unknown?

A Witch is willing to experiment, question and try things out
Magic is a subtle and chaotic creature – and what works works when it works, and what doesn’t work, why bother with it…until it will work
A Witch knows that the mind isn’t always able to fathom all the knots and layers of energy around a problem
but the magic reacts to all of the energies creating a problem
So what looks like the same problem for one person as it is for another person, it actually isn’t the same because those two people, or five or twenty or a thousand, they all ended up with that problem for different reasons or have different hangups holding it in place or have different motivations for getting around it (and not necessarily getting rid of it)
So using the same tool, spell, ritual, chant, whatever every time that problem appears isn’t going to work

so there is no right or wrong way to do magic – except to do it from judgment

Will she use rituals and tools over and over? Sure – all that stuff is there to give the mind something to do to stay out of the way while the magic is spinning things around elsewhere

And rituals change the way people behave, believe and be – placebos work because they are a vehicle for us to create our own changes

What about witches who do use fear? Fear is an odd beast and will make people do crazy things
Again, it’s manipulation
Trust me and you’ll trust me too much, you’ll trust me more than yourself, you’ll need me holding your hand for every step you take forward
Fear me – just a little – and you’ll hesitate a minute before you ask me for help. Ask yourself what I’m going to ask you, ask yourself what I’m going to know that you’re afraid to know yourself *about yourself*
Be a fool with me, and face my wrath

Be wise and come to me with change in your mind, and I will help light the way by moonlight on your own path

*Inspiration from Practical Magic and Terry Pratchett’s books about all the witches of Discworld, as well as my own interpretations of Access Consciousness.
I recommend reading a couple of Access Consciousness books, The Gentlemen’s Club and Salon Des Femmes, for those who are struggling with gender pronouns … If you’d like to support my blog by purchasing these books or ebooks, use this link, and thank you! https://accessllc.infusionsoft.com/go/accessshop/darkdragonlady

I am a writer/illustrator of various types of speculative fiction but mostly modern fantasy. I have loved magic, and the people and creatures who live with it and use it, all my life, and writing and drawing these people in modern environments makes it all the more real to me. I also like to add an element of Darkness and horror, as well as science fiction, for “flavor”. I am fascinated with everything from unicorns and dragons to vampires and demons.

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