Demons: Consciousness, Kin, Knowing & Nothing


a series of sketches in favor of getting this entry up quickly as i feel like now is the time – don’t worry i have every intention of making a full illustration at some point

So I wanted to address a few things about Access Consciousness (a methodology I’ve been studying for some months now – I’ll post a list of sites to reference their free stuff at the bottom and I hope you will take some time and explore it). I know the title says DEMONS but I’m gonna take a minute to get to that to give you some context. My first thing about Access is they seem to have a trend in their marketing towards either the mainstream or what I call the “fluffy bunnies” of the spiritual community – don’t get me wrong those of you who are already on the Access bandwagon, I don’t think humanoids are fluffy bunnies *when they’re Awake and Aware* – more like Mad March Hares with Phenomenal Cosmic Powers, and I love that about it. But let’s face it folks, the website is white with a periwinkle blue dandelion puff. Us geeks, goths, freaks ‘n punks are gonna look at that and at best say “not my thing” and at worst throw it on the bonfire as complete garbage – because we are the shadow foxes who hunt the fluffy bunnies in the dead of night – because the fluffy bunnies refuse to acknowledge the Power in the Darkness and shut themselves off from any awareness and capacities it might afford them. It doesn’t help that a fair few of the reviews of people who’ve tried Access are just gushing about how there’s nothing else like it, they just can’t believe it, they just can’t wait to shell out another few hundred bucks to get to the next class, the next call, more books more clearings – this is why I say *aware humanoids* because some people are being Followers not leaders in their own lives, and they are using Access as the carrot they string out in front of them to keep themselves moving. Am I judging? Yeah probably. Interesting point of view there! But i don’t doubt there’s some genuine truth and awareness embedded in it somewhere.
So what i want to do is take the Access Consciousness tools and methods and twist and sharpen the marketing, target specific classes, tools, and concepts that I think would be most appealing to the geeks & the goths (pardon me for labeling folks, but for the sake of brevity, you can probably assume you are included somewhere in there if you have any interest in my blog at all).
There are a lot of things that would probably just need a makeover, a little more eyeliner, some black lace, and they’d have the same impact for us Darker types. Other things to me may need some translation or even serious re-wording. The issue with marketing to the mainstream is obvious when, among other things, you’re talking about the fae, elves, dragons, vampires, and demons (see I made it!), not just those who inhabit other realities or appear in spirit form, what Access calls “entities” but also those who choose to take on human bodies – i.e. Otherkin.
Now, if you check out the Talk To The Entities site, you will find information there about what Access calls “demons.” My key point in this article is what demons are for Access and how those entities are different from what I and other trusted sources i am familiar with know about demonic and demon-like entities and people who identify as demons.
Firstly, as anyone who’s done any research knows, “demon” is a loaded term. A really fucking loaded term. This is the kind of thing fluffy bunnies will barely even talk about: they just come up with a whole bunch of ways to put up shields and strengthen their auras and subtle bodies fend off vampire attacks and so on. Which, by the way, Access does not support, quite the opposite, they do a lot of work with putting your barriers down so you can receive from all things without judgment. But the fluffy bunnies, the light workers, the angel guides followers, how often do they actually talk about what demons are? More often they assume that you know what that means and it means something you don’t want around you. This also can be true of some religions, except most religions have a lot of history and ancient lore where people used to  study and write demonology, or whatever they call their particular brand of evil spirits. Nowadays, even in belief systems that have beings that are only neutral or tricksters, the modern idea has pervaded (or invaded) that there must be evil forces, must be right and wrong, must be benevolent protagonists with antagonists bent on destruction and taking over the world, entities that were only a little chaotic before become the villains of the story. I’m speaking of deities like Loki and Hades, beings like Lilith, and their servants – the idea of the Devil ruling the Underworld has become so embedded in the overarching culture that there is an assumed bipolar charge of good vs evil overlaid on mythology and stories of all kinds.
This has the effect that people make assumptions about the entities they’re dealing with. If something appears as a shadow being, a fire creature, an ugly or inhuman thing, or is a strange mishmash of parts of different creatures, horns and tails and hooves, or if it simply identifies as “a demon,” people reject it with fear and mistrust and do everything they ever heard of to get rid of it, to block it’s influence and energy from themselves and their loved ones. Or if they aren’t on “the light-right-handed path,” they try to trap it, control it, trick it into giving them something, or send it after other people they don’t like. On the other hand, if something is a being of light, identifies as an angel, or something like that, people put their trust in it, take it’s guidance as greater and better than their own intuition and knowing, put all the choices in their lives under it’s power to choose and not their own. Do you see the problem here?
There are those, however, who have a much clearer understanding of demonkind, who they are, where they’re from, how to work with them or around them. They don’t judge or fear them, or try to overpower or manipulate them, they allow them to just be, just like people, and they don’t treat angels or ghosts or fairies or trees or animals any differently either. They may even see and talk to demon entities every day. And then of course, there are those spirits who choose to incarnate into a human body for whatever benefits that affords them: these are Otherkin, and demons are just as able to choose this possibility as the fae, vampyres, shapeshifters, dragons, unicorns, cats, whatever.
I personally have a friend who told me they are a demon Otherkin, and they described what it is like to me and showed me an illustration of what their demon form would look like. This person is one of the kindest, most creative people I know – they definitely are not made of the things that Access describes as “demons.” I also am very close with one who is a hybrid of an incubus, not exactly a demon, not exactly a vampire either, but not considered a benign spirit by most people’s standards. I have met in person and online various people who identify and live as demons, vampires and other creatures. I know others who have described themselves as creatures that have no name in traditional mythology. What do they do? How do they live their lives? Pretty much like anyone else: eat, sleep, work, play, talk to people, pet the dog/ cat/ snake/ raven, etc. It’s just that they are often aware of energies and other entities that the average human doesn’t allow for, and they have deeper knowing and remembrance of the time they lived as spirit or in another form or another time. But are they out to harm anyone else? If they’re aware of what they are, usually no – they can have a little fun messing with someone’s mind now and again, but for the most part, they are not bent on creating hell on earth. And a lot of them are very bright, very creative, intelligent and Awake and Aware people – they are not bringers of self-destruction and anti-consciousness.
Now let me explain what Access classifies as “demons” : they are entities who were brought to this reality from another realm for the purpose of creating massive amounts of unawareness and anti-consciousness (what Access calls “stupidity”) and were tasked with separating people from our full capacities and magic as the infinite beings that we truly are. Now, everything in a person’s reality is a choice, so demons do not control us. They don’t have power over us, except where we give up our own power in favor of ideas, judgments and limitations that make us powerless. These kind of demons help us think up ideas like that.
Now I struggled with this for a long while: My understanding of what demons were came from mythology, fantasy, my dreams and stories I’ve read and written. I personally believe that very few things, if any in the Multiverse, are truly 100% evil, and I believe that everything has free will, everything can choose to change and become something else, something new. So to me, if a spirit started out as a demon when it emerged from the primordial soup, the mists of possibility of energy and creation, then there is nothing stopping it from changing and reforming itself, literally re-form-ing, into an angel, an animal totem, a squid-headed god, or a squirrel as it please you. So having these people tell me that these demons are different than any other entity bothered me. You see their clearing for most entities is to ask “Who are you? Who were you before that? Who will you be in the future?” several times. For demons however, it is simply “Return from whence you came, never to return again.” over and over and over.
Almost nowhere else does Access Consciousness come from a place of no question, something this conclusive: “Yes, demons are bad, they are fucking with how we create reality, just clear them”. I mean the definition they use of total Consciousness is “where everything exists and nothing is judged.” So why are demons excluded from being offered a choice? Why can we not remind them “Hey guys, you know you’re vibrational beings, right? You know you have total choice, remember? You have free will. I don’t care who told you you didn’t. He’s probably dead or so buried in unawareness he can barely think; he’ll never know you quit your job. You don’t have to do this crap anymore. Would you like to do something different? Would you like to do something that creates joy for you and for the world? I’m not going to tell you what to do! I’m asking you: Truth, What would give you Joy?”
Now I know how the Access founders do things: they follow the energy. Yeah, while I do see a lot of annoying followers hopping around calling themselves Facilitators and selling things, I do believe that the core members of this group have really got it going on. I haven’t been to more than a Bars class, and this is one of the reasons: the people I really want to meet are the ones who are the busiest and most in demand, and their classes have multiple prerequisites and their one-on-one sessions are a little outside the budget I’m currently willing to put towards this (and it’s not my priority to meet them; i got bigger fish to fry). Anyway reigning in the digression: these people would not come to this *conclusion,* if it is that, lightly, or rather it would only be from a place of energetic lightness (the opposite-of-heavy kind, not the opposite-of-dark kind) and not from a place of limitation that they would describe demons this way. I actually think that their use of the word goes back to what I was saying before: people identify something as a demon, and they are totally on board with getting rid of it as fast as possible. It is an oversimplification of what these things are on purpose – in order to get the most out of using Access tools, you’re going to have to get that unawareness, that anticonsciousness, that stupidity that’s been building up all of your lifetime(s) out of your way. That’s what Access is all about is shoveling the shit off of you that keeps you from being Awake and Aware and choosing from energy and magic instead of creating the same crap over and over. And to do that, you gotta clear these things that are helping you create anticonsciousness, so they’re gonna use the universal term for “bad entities” = demons!
I keep searching for and occasionally finding tantalizing tidbits about what Access people have discovered about other entities, fairies and the like. But at the same time I find stuff like Gary’s acronym for a person (embodied this time) who just enjoys making other people miserable: “Evil Little F**k” or ELF! So I find myself alternately interested to find out what awareness they’ve gathered around fantastic beings, and totally put off by their disrespect towards fantastic beings! It’s like, do you believe or don’t you believe, make up your mind! Either elves are a real race of creatures who are no more good or bad than humans, or it’s just an acronym for mean people, you can’t have it both ways. (Now if you want to call them Intentionally Intensely Malicious Pricks, I am okay with them being IMPs. Much more befitting).
In truth, I think demons, real demonic entities, are in fact just like other entities. They are not alien to this reality or our section of the Multiverse if you will, and they aren’t dead set on doing nasty things – even non-demon entities can be tasked with jobs they don’t want or don’t enjoy, and this is part of what Talk to the Entities teaches is how to remind them that they don’t have to do that, remind them they have choice and help them get free (same as all of Access does for human-bodied-people). So if these things creating anticonsciousness aren’t actually demons, what are they?
And then i had a *DING* (that’s called Awareness by the way) and remembered something:
Do you remember as a kid (if you’re my age or younger) watching The Neverending Story? Sure you remember the flying dog dragon and the brave Indian boy and the shy, nerdy kid drawing unicorns in his notebooks in school. I personally remember the school attic full of strange things, and the dark school hallways as the teachers leave but he stays into the stormy night. But do you remember the Theme of the story, the meaning behind it all: Fantasia has no boundaries, for it is the world of human dreams and imagination. And what was the villain, the overarching force trying to destroy it?
*The Nothing*
bingo! The Nothing is EXACTLY what Access is describing!
BTW your trivia tidbits for today: #1 The Neverending Story (German: Die unendliche Geschichte) is a German fantasy novel by Michael Ende that was first published in 1979. The standard English translation was first published in 1983. The movie came out shortly thereafter. (PS: I was born in 1982) #2 Gary Douglas didn’t start Access until 1990, though he’s been aware that there should be a different way of doing things in this world his whole life – I wonder if Gary has even seen NES? Surely he has, his stepdaughter Shannon is right around my age! But the expression of this force as The Nothing possibly predates even his Bars invention.
For those who haven’t seen it or cannot remember, The Nothing was more than just a vast storm and emptiness: it was all the mundanity and banality of the human world that suppresses and erases imagination and dreams, it is disbelief and despair. Though I haven’t read the book, even more of its effects are described:  Every Fantasian that it erases gets turned into lies and deceits that manifest in the normal world (
Now to me, the Nothing would not be an entity – like the Rockbiter said “even a hole would be something, but this was nothing.” I don’t know about you, but a vast force of nothingness was a pretty daunting concept for me to face as i was first thinking of this. How do you clear something that has no-thing to clear? But then I remembered a great capacity that I and all humans have and use all the time: Anthropomorphic Personification! (If you say it out loud, it kinda sounds like a Harry Potter spell 😀 but you don’t need a wand to swish around and as you probably know, you can do it way faster than you can say it.)
So if i can talk to Dream himself looking like lovely Morpheus, the Sandman, or Solar City can make commercials with the Sun god Ra in the form of the Egyptian god Horus, or I can get a glimpse now and then of Darkness himself taking a shadowy form for a moment before he laughs at me and uncreates himself again, then I can totally handle this. I can take the vasty Nothingness and shatter it in to a gazillion little Nothings and gladly dispel them return from whence you came never to return to me my body my mind my reality or any reality i am allied with ever again for all eternity
So whether you’re okay with just dispelling demons without question, whether you see demons as servants of the Nothing (which honestly why would they do that, for if we had no imagination, then we would cease to imagine the monsters too), or whether you like talking to the natural demonkind and, like me, prefer to make those breeders of anticonsciousness into The Nothings, I hope you won’t base your opinion of the Access people on all the stuff they put out to deal with the mundane world and its stupidities before you get a chance to explore their deeper understanding (and your own!) of the workings of entities, magic, other lifetimes, and worlds beyond worlds that we know.


I also had a thing this morning that I thought I would share (though I know this is getting to be one of those super long blogs I do) because it seems pretty relevant to me:
So I had a dream or series of dreams this morning in which a faceless entity appeared, first as a solid silhouette of a person running right at me, then as a young man costumed as Slender Man and then as a ghost trying to work maliciousness on me, all faceless as I said. Eventually I woke up and realized this was one creature coming back and trying to get my attention over and over. So I started talking to it, asking questions, like I would for any entity or character in a story or personification etc. What I came around to was first “So are you a Nothing who wants to be a Demon?” which felt a little light (“yes”) but then I was like “Oh wait! Are you a Demon who’s been made into a Nothing?” and that felt like a much bigger Yes. I came to an awareness through this: Where was this “demons” term created and used by the people drawing in the nothings  to say, hey, if we call them demons people will make more of them . People will expect the demonkind to do what the nothings do . People will command the demonkind to do what the nothings do . And then the demons will get confused as who is which , and not only does it take away the power and knowing and awareness of the human-bodied-people , it also takes away the natural powers and potency of the demonkind!


And one more thing (last one i promise and i may do a whole blog on this later) Access Consciousness has a tool they use, something anyone can ask for to reach for a better vibration: “Universe, show me something beautiful.” My question to you is, maybe the demonkind are the universe trying to show you something beautiful, but it’s darkly beautiful and people have too many points of view around what beauty is and can be and cannot be. What would it be like if we acknowledged Darkness and demons for the beauty of the universe they truly be?


And references: There is so much free stuff from Access, I am telling you Go Hunting on google on youtube on soundcloud on facebook everywhere to see who and what you find. And yeah, you’re gonna find fluffy bunnies and you’re gonna find trolls too (and I don’t mean the kind that live peacefully under bridges and eat the occasional goat). Keep digging for the good stuff, it’s worth it.
TTTE: For demon info, you can go to the June 13, 2013 call, but I totally recommend listening to all of them.
Dain’s tour of consciousness tools:

I am a writer/illustrator of various types of speculative fiction but mostly modern fantasy. I have loved magic, and the people and creatures who live with it and use it, all my life, and writing and drawing these people in modern environments makes it all the more real to me. I also like to add an element of Darkness and horror, as well as science fiction, for “flavor”. I am fascinated with everything from unicorns and dragons to vampires and demons.

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2 comments on “Demons: Consciousness, Kin, Knowing & Nothing
  1. Gins says:

    I’ve been thinking this way for a few years now. I’ve always wondered why just because an entity looks different from us,that is black or red eyes, it is automatically evil. I mean isn’t that discrimination? I’m serious. Beings who don’t look like humans are always called evil. It’s just recently that we have started to accept animals because we eat them and as a result of scientific studies

    • RachelHWhite says:

      Absolutely! We’ve discovered that creatures like dolphins and octopi are highly intelligent. And you don’t get much further from human-looking than an octopus! I think the thing we have to remember is those who aren’t what I call human-bodied-people don’t think and feel like we do, don’t depend on language or cultural “rules” like we tend to do. I think we can learn a lot, remove our limitations and expand our consciousness, by taking the time to look at the world from their point of view.

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