You built yourself a World, now BE in it! (Part 3)

World Builder - walk in your own world

walk in your own world

The third step in creating your reality is actually a constant, continuous blend and balancing of the first two, making things real and making things not real. This is no one-time meditation, but the day-to-day practice of the principle.

– It’s about paying attention to your feelings with each task you do, each place you go or interaction you have. If something doesn’t feel right, make it unreal and replace it with a thought you prefer. Keep yourself from piling on weights of unwanted reality that drag your vibration down, and buoy yourself up with thoughts of your own real world over here inside your head.

– It’s about looking for your world within the outside world, learning how to see and not-see at the same time, which you have always done, but now you’re doing it intentionally and directionally. Good things surround you, and have always surrounded you, you just change your vibration, your mood, your thoughts, so that you can see them, and not see anything you don’t feel is good.

– It’s about “being here now,” only “here” is deep inside you. Remember, there is no “then” or “later” there is only “now” Don’t think in terms of “I’ll have that in my life later” because you never get to later. You have to make Now, inside your mind and out, what you want it to be.

– And some of it, I’ve found, is not having a pinned-down idea of exactly what has to happen to make you happy. Your goal is to Be Happy, regardless of the circumstances. Happiness is not writing or making comics or traveling or having sex or decorating your house or any actual activity or object: happiness is a state of being that makes all of that easy to attain, that makes what some people perceive as work into something that is clearly play, and yet at the same time is highly productive.

You won’t build your whole ideal world in one sitting: on the contrary you will be constantly building it, never “finished,” because as you walk through your daily actions, you will see things that will make you say: “oh that, there: that’s real. I want that!” or you will find thoughts that you realize you don’t want, and you’ll shift your focus, realize how unreal that is, and make up something the opposite that is real.

And there are thoughts you have to get used to not ever having. I’ve already talked about how you can’t follow the old logic or so-called “common sense,” but also, you can’t second-guess yourself, can’t give in to doubts:

Stopping your new reality’s momentum to say “Is this really what I want? Is this the best/fastest/right way to go about it? What if I get it and I’m not happy with it?” is only going to hold you back from finding out the answer to that very question. Just remind yourself that you’re constantly traveling through life. So if you get what you’ve been asking for, and find out it ain’t all that, oh well. Just look around, be happy, and soon something else will come into your perception. Think of it as trying on different clothes. When you’re shopping, you try on different things to see what you like. With Life, if one set of circumstances doesn’t turn out, just go through the process again and change or add to what you already got. Life is an adventure: there are no wrong turns, only alternative paths that offer different experiences that you would not have otherwise had.

On a larger scale, don’t think that “If everybody practiced this rejecting reality thing, everything would go wrong because nobody would do the stuff nobody likes but has to be done. Nobody would go to work. Nobody would pay their debts. People would run amok!”

This is not a real thought.

It comes from conditioning that there will always be a time that you have to buckle down and do something you don’t want to. What you really need to do is change your perception of something being undesirable to do… I’ll come back to that later.

And not everybody in the world has to be doing this process in order for you to have your ideal life.

Here’s where you have to dismantle a big ol’ idea, an assumption that comes with the words “making a perfect world”: that you’re responsible for the way the rest of the world is run. No, you are here for you. That’s it. Everyone else is their own individual responsibility.

So, you go ahead and decide your ideal world inside your mind has no war, no discrimination, no bad economy, whatever. This will make it so you never have to go to war, never are discriminated against, and never feel shortage. But do not give yourself the disappointment that if there’s a war going on somewhere on the planet that your ideal has not come true. You can’t manifest other people’s realities for them (that would be rude, if you could), you can only get out of that reality yourself. Then you have every reason to be happy that there is one more person vibrating on the highest level, and better yet, that person is you!

(There’s whole chapters about this in the Abraham-Hicks books, so in the interest of not making this blog longer than it already is, I’ll let you figure all that out elsewhere).

I’m gonna go over several thoughts and tactics I have discovered since my last entry, so bear with me if I ramble and bounce back and forth a bit:

1) Everywhere, anywhere you go, you know that your Higher Self is in agreement with the Universe that only experiences you desire will come your way.

Letting worried thoughts into your mind in order to “be aware” of possible danger or the chance of doing something wrong is not going to help you. These worries will crowd out your ideals, pull your focus away from your goal.

For example, I like to go walking alone in the park or go out to the weekend arts fairs in the area. Being alone, or even in a crowd, I sometimes get this nagging voice at the back of my head that I should watch out, that someone could easily nab me. Even thinking what I’d do to get away from them doesn’t make me feel much better.

So I use this idea, at those times, that the Universe and I have an agreement, and that nothing that bad is part of the agreement, not even anything so bad as someone pick-pocketing my purse, and therefore isn’t something I should be worrying about. Sure I can easily snap my purse closed, but I won’t beat myself up for forgetting to do so. Saying “What if somebody did this or that” does not make me feel good, and it’s not something I want to be real, so why put that in my reality, even the possibility of that happening? I can also snap my purse closed to keep stuff from falling out of it, and not bother myself thinking on any other reason.

2)  I’ve been working on, as I’ve been arranging and cleaning my new apartment, paying attention to the feelings I have about chores and getting myself to do them: I sometimes have this feeling/thought of “I don’t want to do that”

I’ve come to realize it’s just an ingrained thought:

there’s dirty dishes = I don’t want to wash dishes

and sometimes it applies to things I definitely want to be doing but have become “like work”:

I have free time for writing –> I don’t feel like it right now

Obviously, my true desire is to have a clean house, and beyond obvious is my desire to work on art and writing all the time.

There are many things I have this reaction to, like exercise, cooking, sorting out papers and financial stuff, etc, etc. It’s not a matter of reasoning with myself, because this isn’t coming from my rational mind. It’s a conditioning I’ve created (I guess from times when I was doing these things under perceived duress:

dishes > parents assigning me chores as a kid

exercise > mandatory PE classes

working on artwork > trying to finish art school projects on a deadline)

So even if there’s nothing else I’d rather be doing, even if I have a very rational argument with myself trying to convince myself to do these things, I still feel that aversion, which can get the better of me, because it is what I’m feeling right there in that moment of decision and action.

So rather than pushing against these “I don’t want to” feelings, since all they are is feelings, I need to change how I think and feel about these things. When I start thinking about what needs to be done today, and there are certain things on the top of the list have a reaction in my mind of “I don’t feel like doing that,” then I stop, examine those feelings, then change them, telling myself “Actually, I DO WANT to do that, and I really would prefer to do it right now.” And then I do the thing, and it’s done, and I can go on to the next thing. I don’t put things off (as often) and my house and mind aren’t cluttered with unfinished projects (as much).

In the case of artwork, it’s not the actual doing of it that is hard (most of the time), but the getting started: sitting at the computer, bringing up the file, and putting down that first word (or beginning the editing progress of the 5000 words I wrote before). Once I’ve begun looking at and thinking about that story/art piece, then doing what I know needs to be done next is no problem, I dive right in and can stick with it for hours without effort.

3) I got this great quote on a bookmark from author James A. Owen at the Phoenix ComicCon:

“Never, ever, sacrifice what you want the most for what you want the most at that moment.”

I have used this for decisions ranging from deciding to start writing rather than watching one more episode of QI (writing wins!) to whether to take the optional overtime day to make a little extra money instead of staying home and doing artwork and cleaning house (artwork wins! house benefits by association).

Truly there are desires and there are Desires. There are fun activities and then there are Dreams and Aspirations. Most big Desires are things that take a long series of small actions to fully achieve: one does not write a novel, much less publish it, on a whim in a couple of hours on a sleepy Saturday morning. If I want my chosen reality to happen faster, if I want to be a well-known writer sooner rather than later, I need to be doing what writers do, as often as possible. That doesn’t mean I should never go out walking or hang out with friends or watch an episode or two of QI, because those things do raise my vibration, or better yet, conform to other desires: companionship, exercise, and even QI is good for building a little knowledge around the edges. But on the whole, since my greatest goal is not to surround myself constantly with friends or to have the ideal body, but it is to spread my stories around the world for many others to read and to spend a large percentage of my time making up stories and other activities related to that, I really ought to be already doing so every day.

4) Sometimes it is about more than just being happy: the Desire is to be in a state of what I call having your Brain On Fire:

Sometimes I have to remember why I’m here, why I’m doing artwork, why I am a writer: It’s not to get famous, be admired, or make money (I’d like to have money, it doesn’t necessarily have to come from the products of my creativity). Some of it is to realize these characters, to express and tell their stories.

But the TRUTH is it is about getting that feeling of My Brain on Fire, that buzz of creation and creativity.

My stories and visions do this for me, and sometimes my costumes, and sometimes great conversations with really cool people. That is why I want these things, because I want this electric hyperconnectivity to Source. All of this must come from the Fire to start with, and the more my Brain is On Fire the more brilliant ideas I get for my stories, artwork, home, fun and life.

Art does not make me excited, excitedness makes me art.

So when it comes time to work on my creative arts, or any pursuit, the first thing to do is to get myself into that feeling of fire and excitement, rather than depend on the activity itself to excite me as I start working on it. Working from a dull or frustrated mood will only be working against myself: even the writing itself will come out hesitant or bland. But working from that place of Fire to start with, the work not only comes out good, but comes as easy as breathing, and I feel as energized as lightning, because the feeling just builds on itself.

5) Another thing that helps, that Abraham recommends in various forms, is to get away from it all. If you can remove yourself from resistant thoughts and patterns, your vibration will naturally rise. When your vibration rises, the things you have working on manifesting automatically are attracted in your direction, because you’re aligned and allowing.

It’s hard to get out of resistance, as all this rambling of mine is about, but you can find ways to stop thinking about much of anything, so that you can naturally reconnect to Source.

Lately, here in the Valley of the Sun, I have found the only thing to do outside in the summer is go swimming. But I’ve always found that I really don’t like getting pool water in my eyes or nose. Solution: goggles, a nose clip, and while we’re at it, earplugs.

Thank the Goddess for earplugs! Not only do they keep from getting water in your ears, which is not good for assorted reasons, but they also block out sound: the pool I’m swimming in is smack dab in the middle courtyard of my apartment building, surrounded by all the apartment doors. People come and go constantly, talking on their cell phones, fussing at their kids, or worse, arguing, and this chatter and slamming of doors is in addition to the farther off sounds of traffic and airplanes from the nearby Sky Harbor. This does not give me a zen moment.

But with our blessed earplugs, I get nothing but the ripple of water and the sound of my own breath in and out of my mouth. I am in my own little world, mistress of the brilliant blue, dancing in and out between the water and the air, sitting on the bottom of the pool watching the bubbles I make whorl up to the rippling surface.

And the real beauty of all this is I’m not thinking about anything but swimming. I am no human girl but a wild mermaid or naiad. And afterward I come back to my other reality, even my chosen reality, refreshed, and everything is both comfortable and in some ways all new to me again.

So in conclusion to these three long entries (although there will be similar entries in the future, I think: I want to go in to that Brain On Fire thing a lot more):

Use your imagination like a GPS, and remember, it doesn’t tell you all the directions at once. Just trust it to tell you to turn when you’re supposed to, and remember this isn’t a human-programmed computer. This guide is programmed by your higher self, who can see and know everything you don’t, who is always in your Vortex.

The next now, and all future nows, are determined by you. Your responsibility, and your power, is your perception, your Belief.

I am a writer/illustrator of various types of speculative fiction but mostly modern fantasy. I have loved magic, and the people and creatures who live with it and use it, all my life, and writing and drawing these people in modern environments makes it all the more real to me. I also like to add an element of Darkness and horror, as well as science fiction, for “flavor”. I am fascinated with everything from unicorns and dragons to vampires and demons.

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