A Sanguine Feeling

a Calling from across Time

I feel a need to edit or rather add to my previous entries on vampires. I believe I mentioned I was specifically talking about “fictional” supernatural creatures as opposed to real vampires.

I have to admit at the time I found the real vampires a skeptical concept at best. I was somewhat aware that they drew spiritual energy from others, many of them without the use of blood, but essentially I had not researched them and knew next to nothing. My impression was that this was a choice, that most of them took blood or energy from willing donors or drank animal blood, and as long as it remained consensual (and the animals were humanely slaughtered food animals to start with), I considered it just a lifestyle. A weird, possibly a little delusional, and certainly dark, sometimes to a dangerously imbalanced extent, lifestyle, but just that.

However, recently I have met and formed a personal relationship with a real vampire / otherkin. In getting to know him, reading books he’s lent me and exploring websites on the subject, I’ve taken in a tremendous amount and had to adjust my opinions.

Now, I still think a lot of those who call themselves “vampires” are wannabes who like the taste of blood and are looking for power and status. But those who are real vampires would agree with me on this. There’s a lot of witches and wizards like this too, people who throw magic around and wear Victorian or all-natural clothes and pagan symbols just because it looks and sounds cool. (And don’t get me started on non-dark religions)

But for those who are the real vamp deal, it’s a pretty complex concept.

If you want information, look it up; it’s all over: psi vamps, sanguinarians, incubi / succubi, or simply vampyres, and their black swans and donors. My friend lent me Michelle Belanger’s the Psychic Vampire Codex, which so far as I have read, I also recommend.

But now I will get on with my opinion:

Okay, I am of the belief that everything in life is a choice. Yes, real vampires need to feed off of others. They do not produce enough life energy on their own. But I believe that if this is caused by some severance from the Source of the universe, that connection could be reforged. If it is a leak in the subtle (spiritual) body, that hole could be patched and healed. If it is a blockage preventing them accessing energy, that could be cleared.

My friend assures me if it is possible it would take multiple lifetimes (much of this centers around past lives) and a tremendous amount of energy. He is a particularly spiritual type of person (way more well-read than me), and has tried many different paths, rituals, and different types of energy.

On the other hand, even if a “cure” is possible (I do not believe anything is impossible; humans could fly without assistance of machines or wings if enough meditation and energy was put into resisting gravity), I am also of the belief that each person’s soul comes into their current life with a purpose, an intention. And that soul brings with it its past life experiences and knowledge and also all the tools and talents needed to accomplish that intention (not just otherkin, who are somewhat defined by their awareness of their past lives, but all beings). Silly humans that we are, we often forget that purpose by the time we’re old enough to walk and talk and therefore set ourselves on the path to achievemen. But our Soul remembers. If someone Awakens to realize their soul is that of the vampire, then there is some reason for that, something besides flat fate or karma from previous lives. Of course that purpose may be to be the first vamp to “heal” and become fully human again. Or that purpose could be to use the vampire’s advantages to better their lives, to Change the World. Every vampire should strive to counterbalance the costs to willing beloved donors with a greater Purpose in Life. Preferably not one of dominance or “evolution” over “mortals”, but a purpose within what they call (unrelated to the stupid book) the Twilight: the balance between the Dark Side and the Light.

I am a writer/illustrator of various types of speculative fiction but mostly modern fantasy. I have loved magic, and the people and creatures who live with it and use it, all my life, and writing and drawing these people in modern environments makes it all the more real to me. I also like to add an element of Darkness and horror, as well as science fiction, for “flavor”. I am fascinated with everything from unicorns and dragons to vampires and demons.

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7 comments on “A Sanguine Feeling
  1. Talon Bloodrayn says:

    Very well done.

  2. Nicely written. You have expressed yourself quite well.

  3. AuntTaz (SL group- Co-Branch contact for PA) says:

    While you have certainly given this much thought, you have failed to consider the wishes of the vampires in question. It is best to be left to the individual to decide which path upon which to embark at any given point in their journey. I am glad that you have opened your mind to accept that other entities exist beyond what most humans consider the truth. Movies and centuries of myths have made vampires appear as “evil beings”, when in reality nothing can be further from the truth. Most, if not necessarily all, actually forge contracts with their donors which they hold sacred, compensating the donors for their donations in some manner…achieving a balance of sorts. Your friend assures you correctly that it would take many lifetimes, if it were possible at all, to “undo vampirism”. For some of us, it simply is not something that interests us in our current situations….as in the age-old question “Why should we wish to be anything except ourselves?”. To deny one’s own identity is an attempt at becomming something one is not. Would you, yourself, sacrifice your own identity and way of life just because someone did not agree with your identity of self? I think not.

    • RachelHWhite says:

      Oh yes, by all means, I’m not asking anyone to give up their identity. What I am proposing is: You have a powerful identity! Now what are you going to do with it? You have been given a gift. Should you not use it to better yourselves and the Universe? Not that the wishes of the world are more important than your own wishes, but that once you have found balance within yourself, the next step is to reach out and create a better world. And I don’t mean “better” by the standards of the establishment, by the way, but by a Deeper, more True viewpoint of the Balance of the Universe. How to define that, I don’t know. As you say, that is every being’s individual journey.

  4. LilythRain says:

    Very interesting presentation. Thank you for sharing this.

  5. masticina says:

    Good evening

    Yes luckily these days there is allot of information also allot of places one can learn to shield, to ground and how to feed ethically. These things make vampirism allot less a trouble. Though having it is not something one hopes for.

    I think that vampires are part of more then one just sees. Not as “EVIL EVIL EVIL” but more the counter to something else. A part of a balance in a way!

    And feeding and vampirism is not something that just can be done EVIL EVIL EVIL hehe. What is evil anyway.. so subjective at times.

    Vampires can do allot of good their better understanding of energy for instance. Well I talk based upon a psi vampire point of view. The sanguinary seem to disagree with me there at times. But disagreements are part of life aren’t they. So what do I want to point out yes yes we can teach others shielding, grounding and basics in energy. Improving energy in many places and for many people.

    The unaware vampire indeed is trouble but aware and trained not only they can heal them self, not cure, heal. But also help others.

    These are gifts that might have a rather stingy tail but why not. It is not like you are going to get cured.

    And really as psi vampire at least I try to stay stable. You can’t say that for every person on this planet.

    Vampirism not something you get rid of at least for now. But there are ways to bend is positive.

    Mmm now how would sanguinary deal with it?

  6. Dread says:

    Very well written. Thank you.

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