The Blade & Chalice

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Two Sides the Same: Mixed and Matched

A new look at ancient symbols:

I first came across the chalice and the blade as symbols watching DaVinci Code, in which they explain the Solomon’s Key symbol as being two triangles, one up, blade, one down, chalice. Although I was also familiar with the cup and the athame as Wiccan tools, along with wands, pentacles, etc, as symbols of the elements of fire and water, I hadn’t heard it in this context before (possibly because the only witches I knew were Dianic Wiccan, focused on the Goddess, with little or no attention to the male aspects).

Traditionally, the blade is considered male, a phallic representation of strength, and the chalice female, a vessel of life and the downward-pointing triangle of female anatomy.

But I offer an additional, not necessarily alternative, viewpoint.

Through meditation, I came to the idea that every woman has her own blade inside, and every man his chalice. For one thing, each person is whole and complete in and of themselves, not codependent with their partner (whether or not that partner is the opposite sex or not). Every person is not strictly male or female, but has some balancing portion of that opposite sex within them. But the symbolism I’ve explored is not only that.

Even though we are complete within ourselves, it is only natural for humans to be drawn to kindred spirits, and to seek out lovers. We long to connect to someone, our ideal to connect on the deepest of levels, spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.

So, to me, inside of ourselves we hold a piece of ourselves that is waiting for something, for someone. Each woman carries a blade, close to her heart, an ideal of a man worthy of her, a picture of masculine strength. Likewise a man holds a chalice, linked to the core of his being, and seeks a divine feminine to match it. It’s something that each individual person may be very aware of or that may be completely subconscious, but any potential lover is measured against this ideal.

And when people fall in love, especially when two Soul Mates meet, this is the part that they give to each other. The man takes the woman’s blade, and she takes his chalice, and neither of them is any less a whole person by themselves, but they’ve shared something of themselves that goes far beyond the physical, sexual aspects of their bodies. The blade is sheathed within the bowl of the chalice, and that is the love that joins the two of them in spirit.

I am a writer/illustrator of various types of speculative fiction but mostly modern fantasy. I have loved magic, and the people and creatures who live with it and use it, all my life, and writing and drawing these people in modern environments makes it all the more real to me. I also like to add an element of Darkness and horror, as well as science fiction, for “flavor”. I am fascinated with everything from unicorns and dragons to vampires and demons.

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7 comments on “The Blade & Chalice
  1. Adam Walton says:

    Hi Rachel,

    Your observations reveal wisdom. Take this a step further into the existence and creation of all that is and the opposites that come together at every level to create what “is.” All of creation is the result of the slow, frictional, intercourse of opposites. Light and Dark, – and +, Male and female, Is and Is Not. Once you start to look for this interaction in all things within human consciousness you can see how fundamental and “Sacred,” the Chalice is to ALL/ONE. It is the Mother, the vessel, the physical and symbolic representation of all that is and re-occurs at every level of creation. You embody that chalice symbolically. We all carry it within our being.

    This is what the true meaning of Christ’s life was with Magdalene. He was half of the story which has been used and abused for control of the human race. The Religious have committed the ultimate sacrilege. The return to the Chalice, “Sangraal,” is the true return of the Christ to Earth/Gaia. This is the Christ which dwells within each one of us when we become whole as an individual and as whole individuals come together with another to continue the process of creation starting at the physical level but with the sacred potential to go far beyond into higher levels.

  2. abootbrutus says:

    Are we our own soul mates?

    • RachelHWhite says:

      An interesting question. My definition of what a “soul mate” is has changed over the years I think, partly from growing up and actually having relationships instead of fantasies, observing how that works in the real world for myself and others, but largely from just being more conscious. I used to think soul mates were fated to be together, a perfect one-to-one union that one had to carefully search for. Now I think there may be more than one mate for one soul, there may be many roles and needs and desires fulfilled by that mate, but many others by kindred spirits and other entities. This article is mostly about how we each have a Knowing within ourselves of what that mate will Be like, and it’s not really a list of traits, but more a vibration or energy that would provide a match or even a counterweight to our own energy. We know within which people will be a creative spark in our lives.

  3. Terry Bennett says:

    There are strides in our passions for beauty and for various simple things. We are born unto a place that God grants. We don’t choose. God does this.

    What I have read is remarkable. It is by far poetry. It is poetry because when I read it… it changed my life. It disturbed in a grandiose way. You empowered me today. I needed this. Your own strength, your courage to speak, your passion for what you believe in brought me home. I love you for that.

  4. Hallo , I recently started to learn this awesome language, I mean English, and I can not understand it very well , but I have found this page very useful, thank you

    • RachelHWhite says:

      Thank you and I hope it wasn’t too confusing for you. I use a lot of metaphor and symbolism to talk about spiritual concepts, especially in this post. English is pretty heavy with idioms, so if you ever feel uncertain about the broader connotations of a phrase, please don’t hesitate to ask the writer or speaker to explain it a little more. Most people will be happy to help you, and you may get different interpretations from different people, which will give you an even better understanding of how it’s used.

  5. Don says:

    It seems that most if not all religions and/or philosophies share the same dual concept of our true existence. Can we go further down than this? What does it all come down to. What is the absolute origin? Or, as I like to reference, what is the “Common Denominator” of why anything exists and here at all? Big Bang? Creation? How far down can we really dissect it and fully understand the true concept?

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